Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Official Sluggers Announced

Ok, the 2007 roster has been announced. This year, they have added 2 alternate spots to the roster as well. The roster follows.

GM Greg Serper
IM Georgi Orlov
FM Slava Mikhailuk
FM Loren Schmidt
FM Marcel Milat
FM John Readey
NM Michael Lee
NM Josh Sinanan

We will be using the October 2006 ratings list, so we have a good set of underrated board 4s. I know people will look down on our roster because of the lack of GM/IMs, however I feel like people underestimate the strength of bottom boards. Look what we did on the shoulders of Michael and Nat last year. It is much harder to win on the top boards, and we had a rock on board one. We scored all our points on board 4, along with a stellar preformance from John Readey. On top of that, if 2 of our 4 FMs have 2400+ ratings and and I believe Loren even has 2 IM norms.

For those of you who don't know Josh, he is Seattle's newest master, after a great tournament season. This year he scored draws against GM Serper, GM Kudrin, IM Zilberstein, and a win over IM Emory Tate. He will also be filling in as my last year's role, the assistant manager.

I am looking forward to this season, and hope to take down a title for Seattle.

Eddie Chang
Seattle Sluggers Manager

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