Saturday, September 24, 2011

Annotation: Orlov - Bercys

It has been suggested that I should post some more serious here's an annotation that Orlov sent in about a game which won him second place in the Game of the Week contest!

Here it is:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review of the Seattle Roster

eh, it's been a while since I posted something, so I thought I'd post something that'd keep me entertained.

Fun Fact: His head will throb furiously in concentration if he sees mate in 50

Hmm, part of this is actually true. It's kinda freaky when I saw his head do that, but I guess you just gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Fun Fact: "What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say, 'Costin Cozianu'?" "A girl."

HAHHAHAHAHA I love asking my floormates :).

Fun Fact: "He is a cool cucumber"~Michael Lee

About time the Sluggers got some vegetables on the team.

Fun Fact: He lives a double-life as a vampire

Slava's profile picture still scares the decomposed waste material outta me.

5. FM Marcel Milat

Fun Fact: He owns a private jet, a Jacuzzi, 10 cars comprising of Porsches, Mercedes, as well as other OK collectibles, and a mansion next to Bill Gates.

I like calling him M&M.

Fun Fact: "The first thing that comes to mind is the Lord of the Rings. You know, like, Rohonyan, sounds like...Rohan, from the Lord of the Rings? Right?"

Um. Yah. Idk. You should ask my roommate why he said that when I asked, "What first comes to your mind when I say, 'Katerina Rohonyan'?"

Fun Fact: He used to have hair down all the way to his shoulders

He actually did. It was kinda cool, but then he had to get a haircut :(

8. NM Dereque Kelley

Fun Fact: he plays better with one minute than with 90 minutes.

I remember getting roasted given 1 minute to 5 minute time odds. Maybe Kelley should be given just 5 minutes in every match he's going to play in.

9. NM David Golub

Fun Fact: when he checks your king, he will yell "LLAMA!"

And this, my friends, is why we need to get Skype in on these matches. So that we can yell LLAMAAAAA.

10. Roland Feng

Fun Fact: this kid is in fifth or sixth grade, but he looks like he's 6 years old

I'm short, but this kid is half my height. Which kinda makes me wanna punch him. But it's ok. Great to see you on the team Roland!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Preview of the 9/12 match: Sluggers vs. Sharks

After upsetting the Arizona Scorpions, the Seattle Sluggers are looking to win another match this week. Let's take a look at the Sluggers/Sharks matchup.

1. Cozianu (SEA) - Roman

Cozianu outrates Roman by roughly 200 points and furthermore, I am liking Roman's 2200 performance rating. Adding on to that, Cozianu loves the white pieces. Though I'm not going to predict an outright win for Cozianu, I'm liking Cozianu's chances on this board.

2. Rodriguez - Mikhailuk (SEA)

Both have been on All-Star teams but last season both have had relatively lackluster seasons. I don't think Rodriguez is going to keep his 2000 performance rating from last year, so the match up will be closer than one might think. Evenly matched, this board is a toss-up.

3. Rohonyan (SEA) - Hernandez

Hernandez is as yet untested under USCL team conditions and time controls. However, I don't think he'd be on the Miami Sharks for no reason. Having no knowledge of Hernandez's history and since the ratings look evenly matched, I'll just call this board a toss-up.

Oh and by the way, in his profile picture Hernandez kinda looks stoned, though I'm sure he's just being very very serious.

4. Alvarez - Kelley (SEA)

Both players have one game on their record, and thus their performance ratings are both sub-1900 (lol). But obviously, both players are obviously stronger players than simply 1900s.

Kelley had a tough first week, but I think he'll bounce back this week. And sorry to be bagging so much on profile pictures, but right now I'm kinda laughing a little because Alvarez looks like he's sleeping. Pleasant dreams, my friend.


Be sure to watch the match today on ICC! Later,

Alex Guo