Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pick up the Pieces

Hey, good day to be chessplayer. Feeling a bit out of the norm, usually I just post pre and post match. Well, I was riding the ferry across the Puget Sound, sun was shining and I thought that it would be a good time to post. And you know, in this league there is more than enough going on to keep eveybody writing. Anyway...

Couple of thoughts about the Monday night matches (Sep. 14). I want to thank Mssrs. Charbonneau and Schneider for delving into the pond of chess where Fritz wasn't mechanical. I suspect that there might have been some kind of secret analysis cooked up years ago between these two that encouraged a wager and such is how the opening occured. In any case, Bravo! Next, of course is the Boston debacle, made worse by the prediction of Mr. Phelps. Well, I think this was an ingenious ploy! Consider the consequences. If Boston had won then all is well as they puff out their chests and proclaim there dominance of the defending champions. If they lose, then it is simply a matter of luck and best of all when they lose by an overwhelming score as happened then it is obvious that the rest of the league is against the Blitz, so they need to band together to keep from weathering the storm of adversity. Very clever, I would not be surprised if they lost 0-4 at the request of their manager(s)! Very sneaky, very clever. Be warned rest of the league, Boston is now more powerful than ever!

Different not, the upcoming epic between your Sluggers of Seattle and the accursed Scorpions of Arizona. GM Ramirez of Arizona has posted a prediction and I would like to thank him for his efforts. Very enlightening. I have already posted my view of the match, so I have no further comment on the outcome. I would, however, appreciate a review of the academic credentials of GM Ramirez. Looking at the numbers and explanations of them leads me to suspect that GM Ramirez either missed a couple of classes or accidentally read his Shakespeare in prep for a psych exam. Or possibly the standards for education at GM Ramirez' alma mater (UTD) are a wee bit askew. I mean no harm what so ever, just checking so that I get the correct wager in at Las Veg... er I mean I can comment appropriately on the blog. All in all, I think an tie is just the right result. Actually, when you consider the actions of a certain GM transplanted to Holland perhaps a tie is indicated. Kharma and stuff like that.

Now, for the important part. I have decided that the titles of these "blog" bits is too boring, so I am going with rock titles. Hope it helps.


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EJ said...

Perhaps there's more than just oregano in that sauce? Regardless of the method, he's still only a half a game different than your prediction.

Enjoying the posts...