Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seattle Sluggers Qualifier

This year, we decided to do something new. We offered up a roster spot to someone in the community. Our 1st Annual Seattle Sluggers Qualifier. Winner gets a spot on the roster, and at least one game during the season. Why did we do this? There is just too much young talent to choose from. Its hard to choose from all of these great up and coming players. So we invited a bunch of players, 1850+ and under the age of 18 to come play a small tournament to determine who our 10th member is. We even had an elementary school kid show up, and Rolend Feng, who's 9 years old, scored a respectable 2.0/4. I have a feeling he will be showing up on the roster sooner or later. Anyways, going to the last round, Vishnu Warrier was leading with a 3.0/3, however he met up with a insurmountable challenge. Facing him was young Michael Wang, fresh off of a week of soaking up chess wisdom from the GM Yasser Seirawin as part of United States Chess School. Michael showed no mercy and won the final spot on our roster. Now, with our roster complete, we will look forward to our first match-up with Chicago, on the 23rd.

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Bionic Lime said...

What a great way to determine a roster spot! The NJ Knockouts look forward to our match with Seattle this year, and suggest *not* putting young Mr. Wang in the lineup that day, as we don't want to crush his spirit. :-)