Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday Night, 8/31

by Michael Lee and Alex Guo

Board 1: GM Varuzhan Akobian (Seattle) vs. GM Dmitry Gurevich

Board 1 features GM Varuzhan Akobian against GM Dmitry Gurevich. Gurevich held down board 1 for Chicago last year, playing a full 10 games. However, Akobian is dangerous, especially with the white pieces. Both players are fresh off the recent 1st Metropolitan International in L.A., so should be in good form. This looks to be a game to watch.

Board 2: IM Florin Felecan vs. FM Costin Cozianu (Seattle)

Wow, I like the alliteration on these names here. I wonder whether the team managers planned it that way. Felecan rhymes with Pelican which almost sounds kinda scary while Cozianu brings me warm feelings of coziness. Additionally, I kinda like Cozianu's profile picture better than Felecan's. It's like comparing a fierce competitor with ... with someone who almost looks dazed that his picture is being taken. Aside from that, they're both strong players. Felecan is a strong tactical player while Cozianu is solid. Should be an interesting matchup.

Board 3: NM Dereque Kelley (Seattle) vs. IM Angelo Young

Kelley's got gutsss to go up against Young. Young's got a pretty dang good track record, but I wouldn't count Kelley out here. Kelley's got some pretty nice victories in his last few tournaments. And Kelley's actually smiling in his profile picture while Angelo Young's standing next to...idk, some random move center. What is up with that. You should switch profile picture.

Board 4: NM Eric Rosen vs. NM David Golub (Seattle)

On Board 4, we have two rising juniors Eric Rosen and David Golub facing off. Both have improved greatly over the last few years, Golub recently breaking National Master and Rosen almost gaining an IM norm in his last few tournaments. Interestingly enough, this will be the 3rd Seattle Board 4 player Rosen has faced with White in the last 3 years.


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