Saturday, October 31, 2009

Catch the Wind

Welcome readers to another day in paradise. Just in from raking leaves, it started to drizzle with the cold wind blowing rain from left to right, ah simply a great time to consider how best to express things. Learning my lessons in these conditions were instrumental in winning championships in two states. Yeah, I kind of know how the pieces move, though certainly not at the level of a titled player. Ah, but those are matters for the dim light of the past, we are in the here and now. Yeah, now, now I would like to thank Marcel Milat for posting on the Sluggers blog, though I fear my vision may have suffered a bit. It seems that all the other active sites for USCL have multiple bloggers, while I am the lone voice from the Northwest. One thing Marcel, no blood test needed. The pharmaceutical industry is big enough without players having blood tests every time they realize there was a better move or a continuation was misevaluated. Again, Thanks. Also, no one has commented on my picture. I had it done special for the Commish, he said it was lame to use the Sluggers logo all the time for my stuff, so I found a picture and sent it to him. Don't you think it shows off all my best features?

Observing the leaves push together likes pieces in a puzzle I was able to deduce the pattern around me. For those who are fresh to my writing or had a vacation, please check out my last post and all the comments. I stress, all the comments. Once you have finished the comments, you will possible understand my predicament. It works out the same all the time, I am nobody and where do I have the nerve to talk about famous people. I didn't want to believe that 2 letters had so much power, but there in the comments it is evident. Ilya makes it clear that having a title means your word is gold and "Anonymous" questions why a titled player would even stoop to respond to me! It's all back again, I am from Seattle, I have the audacity to question the authority of titled players, I am nobody and I rant. Ok, so what's your point?

NOW! Before you tell us what your point it, allow me to clarify mine. At one point in the game Mateer - Sinanan IM Ginsburg made a comment "she should make him pay for turning down the draw" in the game channel on ICC. I made reference to this, that I didn't think it was appropriate and was surprised that this had occured. Some anonymous character and Ilya both replied that it is silly to take such comments seriously on ICC. As much as I would like to agree, it just ain't so. If I make a comment that Ilya is an unschooled lug who doesn't bathe and he replies that he will break my neck, ha ha everyone gets a laugh and we all go quietly with our business. If I say that Ilya should accept a draw from Anonymous because of x y and z, people ignore me because my handle might as well be invisible. But what if someone with an IM next to there handle makes a comment about a player turning down a draw? Do the folks who read that take special note of it? Will aspiring players watching to pick up what they can from the games make a mental note about it? Well, you know Ilya was certainly willing to agree that Mr. Ginsburg having IM next to his name was worth more than my name. Anonymous went further to infer that I didn't have the right to question anyone with IM next to their names. Quite suspicious to me, these are people who supposedly know that on some level we are all equal on ICC. Maybe not playing strength, but at some point we are all players and kibitzers, aren't we? No, we are not. I am despised because I don't have a title. Well, ok then... I guess we know where things stand in that regard.

One more thing about this is how it happened. Josh is playing a game, he isn't even supposed to see kibitzes while he is playing. Comments that are made about moves are like the ether, just there. But when a kibitzer states that a player should suffer a result based on a decision made because of a team situation something has gone amiss. Josh can't defend himself, come out and say " I did this because the team needs a win", because he isn't even supposed to know that the comment was made. This wrankles heavily of 4th grade and talking about the uncoordinated kid behind their back. Mr. Ginsburg makes a point that a half game point is worth more than nothing, but he fails to note that a half a match point would have been worth a great deal more. In much the same way that it was not devulged on ICC at the time that Josh wasn't playing on because he faced a lower rated player or a female, that he played on to help his team. I have no hostility towards Mr. Ginsburg, he just did things as he saw them. Yet, it seems to me that IM Ginsburg would do well to contact Josh Sinanan and explain to Josh what happened and what his motives were. For all I know, Josh is completely unaware of this incident, but do we still talk about the unpopular kids behind their backs?

Ok, I will try to post again before the week 10 matches... I just have so many leaves to rake! Thanks for reading and have a nice day


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