Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hey Sluggers fans... and anyone else with the intellectual acumen to read this blog. I have several topics to discuss, so right to it.
First off, the Monday night matches. New York versus Baltimore looks like a match for bragging rights... to third place in the East. Some might call it an "East Coast Pillow Fight", but not me! (Eddie made me write that). The Knights are getitng their bag in order, while Baltimore can't seem to find a track. I like the Knights. Philadelphia is an obvious favorite over Chicago and I don't see any reason to go against that. Arizona gets a crack at the top team in the league, the Knockouts. This is a match that I think both teams will be a little surprised by the other's actual strength. New Jersey has been having a great season by finding ways to win close matches, I give them the nod.
The back half of the season promises to have some really fun matches. We all know that Oct. 19 is when New Jersey squares off with Boston, but don't miss this Wednesday's rematch of Miami and San Francisco. Miami has a good match the following week with Seattle and in the final week we have Boston against New York. There are sure to be plenty of thrills and spills as almost every match will have some playoff bearing and could be critical to the final standings.
A big shout out to GM Benjamin for his midseason report which is quite entertaining. I would hope that he is planning another piece with a few more teams, but mostly I think that I can read between the lines in his writing and have an answer for him. NO, the league will not allow a panel of 3 French judges to score the game of the week contest!
Lastly, a big "Hi" to Ilya. He seems to be a great guy and about once a year he sheds a bit of light into his thought process. First off, Ilya says he doesn't know "who is HA81" and then proclaims that I am not a player. I will confirm that I am not a participant in the play, but still that logic is poor. Next, he "doesn't know what ha81 stands for". Ok, sit on the Black side of a chess board, look at the file furthest to your left - the 'H' file, next to the file furthest to the right - 'A' file- and now look at the closest and furthest ranks - 8 and 1. I think that explains it all! Now, he comments that he wasn't talking to me. Uh, whose blog are you responding to Ilya? Then, as if to wouhd my pride he states that no more than 5 or 10 people read my "idiotic and honestly quite boring blog"! Oh Death, where is thy sting? Ilya, stick on topic. You didn't like the power rankings, but didn't offer any alternatives! Here it is Ilya, when you talk you are representing the fine folk of Boston and giving "imbeciles" like me both the ammunition and opportunity to crack jokes on you. As for my readership, I woud be happy with 5 to 10, as long as they were reading to find a bit of entertainment. If my stuff is so boring Ilya, please do not read it. I will be ok with 4 to 9 readers as long as you are not one of them. You are a fine 4th board in the league, but don't quit your day job!
Word to "Wavemaster"... I was only defending myself, no negative thoughts intended. We are all friends here, just that some are "more friends" than others.
ttyl and have a nice day

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