Monday, September 27, 2010

FM Michael Lee makes his predictions

Michael Lee, a fellow Slugger, shares his thoughts on what's gonna happen, with occasional comments from me. Unless otherwise noted, these are Michael's words

New York > Miami

2.5-1.5, split on the bottom boards but...NY has an edge on top two.

3-1, same as above. (Editor: Carolina has pulled draws recently. Wouldn't be surprised if they did it again)

philadelphia ? chicago - could go either way, I'd go with chicago if I had to. (Editor: Unfortunately Seattle needs Chicago to lose. So I'm gonna call a win for Philadelphia)

NE sweeps STL.

Shankland is good. (Editor: this is the disadvantage of hiring kick-ass players.)

LA = manhattan,

I don't know. (Editor: Call a win for manhattan. Seattle needs LA to mess up somehow).

boston > san fran
2.5-1.5 I'm hoping this happens. looking strong on 1+2. (Editor: Boston's been a strong contender recently.)

No comments for the game on Seattle. Better not to tempt fate.

2.5-1.5 solid on all boards. that's too bad, though (Editor: true dat)

Thanks to Michael Lee for sharing his thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

3/4, not bad