Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Matches Preditions - 9/15/10

You know, every single blogger must predict a win for their team. Otherwise, it just looks really bad to be picking against your team. So for instance, no matter how bad things look at Carolina, any Cobra bloggers there will always predict a win, and in the end, well, maybe they'll win. Polsky has been picking the Vibe to win, and what's happened in the last few matches? And besides, the last time I tried predicting the match was in Week 2, and despite a close match, Seattle didn't make it.

One of these weeks, I'm gonna predict a 0-4 sweep against Seattle, just to see how things turn out :D

But this week, Seattle's looks ready to crush San Francisco. Just like last week, Seattle outrated the opponents on all boards except board 4, and last week, Seattle actually won. This week should be no different.

Board 1: GM Friedel - GM Akobian

Akobian had a great debut against a top USCL player, but this week he has the black pieces. Most bloggers think the Panda can draw Akobian, and while I certainly agree, I think it's fair to say that Akobian has the better chances in this game. Once again, Akobian is going to win, and lead the charge for Seattle.

Board 2: FM Cozianu - IM Pruess

you might as well roll the dice to predict which opening Pruess is going to play, though last time Pruess picked the King's Gambit and didn't do too well. Pruess is a tricky player, but Cozianu's a solid player. Cozianu has the better chances for a win, particularly given that he has the white pieces, and loves playing white. Cozianu takes this one for Seattle.

Board 3: FM Zierk - FM Michael LEE

Both are rather strong players, but Zierk has been showing greater tournament activity than Lee in the past few months. Hopefully Michael has stepped up his game and is ready to win one, after having lost his last four USCL games. Incidentally, he's had the last five games with the black pieces, and this time he's again having the black pieces!

Then again, I've personally faced Zierk in Denker, and he gave me plenty of chances, while Lee is a much tougher nut to crack. I predict a draw on board 3.

Board 4: Michael Wang - NM Yian Liou

These two youngsters have met in the recent US Chess School in Seattle, so this won't be the first time they played chess against each other. Wang will come with his English against Liou's KID/Leningrad. Wang should look out for a K-side attack, but I think he'll be able to hold his own against Yian. Another draw for Seattle.

Seattle wins, 3-1.

As for the rest of the matches... I've come up with a technologically innovative solution for predicting matches. Results of the experiment will be released after match results come out.

Boston - Noreasters, Noreasters win

NJ - Carolina, New Jersey wins

LA Vibe - da Blaze, The Vibe wins

(by the way, what kind of a name is "Blaze"? Why name the team after the Chicago Fire, which screwed Chicago over?)

Oh, one last thing. I tested the solution with Seattle's match today. Claims SF is gonna win, and now I'm beginning to doubt whether I've really come up with a reliable tool for predicting.

If you have an idea of what the "technologically innovative solution" is, comment below!

Alex Guo

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