Monday, September 6, 2010

Prediction for Seattle's Tuesday Match

After a rough start, it seems that the Sluggers might have an opportunity to bounce back. This week we are playing the Miami Sharks, a team who looks quite deadly on paper. Let's check out the pairings.

1. GM Varuzhan Akobian 2698- GM Julio Becerra 2628
2. FM Marcel Martinex: 2475- FM Costin Cozianu: 2557
3. WGM Katerina Rohonyan 2327 - FM Charles Galofre: 2316
4. NM Robert Perez 2175- Alex Guo 2116

Board 1 Prediction: The new addition to this year's lineup, Akobian will be well prepared for this match. His recent 7.5/9 in this year's US Open means that he is on top of his game. Also a little history for you readers, the last time these two met was in the 2009 US Championship and Akobian beat him as WHITE. In addition to the fact that Akobian is 70 points higher rated than Becerra, I predict that this will be a easy victory.

Akobian 1- Becerra 0

Board 2 Prediction- Personally, I feel that Costin is a very strong player even though he hasn't got his IM or GM norm. However, Martinex cannot be ruled out since he did not lose even ONE game last year in this league. I've never seen Costin play with the black pieces and if he is not playing to his potential, I think this game will lead to a draw.

Martinex 0.5- Cozianu 0.5

Board 3 Prediction

Don't really know about both these players. Lets call it a draw.

Rohonyan 0.5- Galofre 0.5

Board 4 Prediction

If you guys don't know, Alex Guo and I both go to the same school and he has improved alot this year . I expect Alex to win this.

Perez 0- Guo 1

Overall Score: Seattle 3- Miami 1


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